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Printed tent poles

Endurance products are designed to make your life simpler, and make it simpler for your students too. Printed tent poles are standard on every Endurance tent.

Designed by groups…

Designed for groups. Hover over the image to see some of the features incorporated on all Endurance tents.

We are now on our second batch of these stable and easy to use tents, they have successfully been used with a wide variety of DofE groups across the UK in all conditions. 

Colour your groups


Endurance Team Colour Raincovers. 10 colours to choose from.

For me, having managed stores with close to 50-60 tents, the fact that I know I can buy individual replacement parts, and that the Endurance tents are going to be consistent year to year means that the whole product is really financially viable.

As a busy Approved Activity Provider turning our tents around most weekends I cannot speak highly enough of the Refuge tents and the service from Access Expeditions… Five stars indeed.