3 Tips on managing tent poles in your kit store

Seen this before?

Why is it that however hard you try… you just cannot keep on top of tent poles? Different colours? Different lengths?  2 man tents?  3 man tents?  Different ‘vintages’ of the same tent?  Here are 3 top tips on how to keep things tidy.

1. Use coloured sticky tape to mark up your poles

For all your 2 man tents, put 2 bands of red tape around the end of each pole. For all your 3 man tents, put 3 bands of tape around each pole. Use different colours for different models. Experiment with different options.

2. Have a simple booking in / booking out system

Create a really simple system for booking your tents in and out. This way you will know which group currently is looking after which tent, and as the kit comes back into your kit store, you can match up the correct poles with the correct tent.

3. Use tents with printed poles

We’ve saved the best until last. We’re pretty excited about the new Endurance tents that have just arrived in stock. Every single pole has its description etched into the pole itself. That means that however many different combinations of Endurance tents you have in your kit store, you can pick up any single pole, and know at a glance which tent it belongs to!

Consistency is king…

While we’re on the subject of tent poles, did you know that Endurance tents have a consistency promise, which ensures that the length of the pole on a particular model will not change? This means that tents you buy in three, four, or five years’ time will be perfectly interchangeable with the ones you buy today. Click here to find out more about the Endurance brand ethos!