• Ever seen a pile of mixed tent poles before? 3 Tips on managing tent poles in your kit store

    Seen this before? Why is it that however hard you try… you just cannot keep on top of tent poles? Different colours? Different lengths?  2 man tents?  3 man tents?  Different ‘vintages’ of the same tent?  Here are 3 top tips on how to keep things tidy. 1. Use coloured sticky tape to mark up [...] Continue Reading
  • Joyce Franklin Academy – Himalaya Expedition

    Kim Henson, DofE Coordinator @ Joyce Frankland Academy took a group of students to Spiti Valley, in the Indian Himalayas to complete 25 day expedition and community project. Access sponsored the expedition by providing a selection of Endurance Quest 65 rucksacks. The students built a solar heated bath house... with their bare hands!  Watch the [...] Continue Reading
  • Geodesic vs tunnel tents

    Geodesic and Tunnel tents - what's the difference? GEODESIC (or semi-geodesic) Poles cross over once or multiple times, usually making the tents self supporting: TUNNEL (or arch) Poles arch straight across the tent from side to side, so guylines are required to hold the tent up: GEODESIC The Pros Stability: In most cases, geodesic tents [...] Continue Reading