Product Design


Endurance kit was designed with direct input from expedition leaders, AAPs and teachers experienced in DofE and similar outdoor activities. The vision was to make expedition kit that is perfectly suited to the unique requirements of young persons and groups; requirements that are often different to those of the wider camping market.

As a result Endurance kit is the best kit in the world for students and any educational group expeditions such as DofE.



Printed tent poles

Ever been faced with a heap of unidentifiable tent poles after an expedition? All Endurance tent poles come with the tent model, tent size, and pole location etched into the end of the pole.


Hex pegs

Everyone is familiar with the problem of bent tent pegs. Endurance hex pegs have a hexagonal profile which increases the strength significantly, whilst an aluminium construction keeps the weight down. And they look great!


Slimjim Youth Fit

An ill fitting rucksack is not only uncomfortable – it can be damaging to health. With schools starting DofE as early as Year 9, it is possible to get some very small students requiring rucksacks. Most brands offer a ‘short-back’ rucksack, but it is usually more suited to small adults. Endurance has introduced  ‘Slimjim’ sizing on all rucksacks, where the waist band can be adjusted to a smallest-in-market 21 inches. This ensures the stability of the rucksack and the safety of your students, no matter how small.


ID windows

Endurance tents, rucksacks and sleeping bags all have ID windows on almost all separate component parts – in the case on tents; flysheet, inner, tent bag, inner tent bag and pole bag. This makes your life so much simpler back at the kitstore, and can really help on expeditions where tent components are split up amongst the group.