Explaining bulk discounts

If Johnnie bought 5,000 apples from Access at £1 each, he would pay just £4,750

Introducing bulk discounts


We have set up a new bulk discount scheme to reward customers for placing larger orders online. Please note: This discount is in addition to the discount you already receive as a school/group. 


Rules and regs

Can be used on any products, by any customer, in conjunction with any other offers, any number of times.


So what’s the discount?

Simple. Orders greater than £2000 get a 2% discount, >£3000 – 3%, >£4000 – 4% and >£5000 – 5%. All figures ex. VAT. This is in addition to the special Group Prices discount you already receive as a school/group.


And how do I get it?

It will auto-apply in your basket once you reach the figures listed above. You don’t need to do anything.


That’s about it! If you have any question please get in touch.

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