Explaining bulk discounts

Bulk purchases deserve an extra special reward

Introducing bulk discounts


We have set up a new bulk discount scheme to reward customers for placing larger orders online. Please note: This discount is in addition to the discount you already receive as a school/group. 


So what’s the discount?

Simple. This is an extra discount over and above our Group Price discounts, when your order reaches the following threshold levels. Extra 2% off £2000, 3% off £3000, 4% off £4000, 5% off £5000. All figures ex. VAT.


And how do I get it?

It will apply automatically once your cart gets to each threshold level, and will show on your quote and your invoice. You don’t need to do anything.


Rules and regs

Can be used on any products, by any customer, in conjunction with any other offers, any number of times.



That’s about it! If you have any question please get in touch.

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