Explaining group pricing

Question: Do you do special prices for schools and groups?


The short answer:

Yes, if you are buying for a School or Group, we now give a special Group Price online which gives you a 20 – 30% discount!  In addition, if your order is over a certain size, you qualify for further bulk discounts – find out more here!


The slightly longer answer:

Every product has next to it a List price and a Group Price. The list price is the standard price of the product, and the Group Price is a special discounted price. The discount is typically around 20 – 30%, and is available only to schools and AAPs. So if you’re working for a school or AAP, you qualify for these special prices!  And don’t forget the extra bulk discounts


In other news:

A quick update and intro to group prices.


As many of you work for schools, we realise you have to do a lot of work outside school hours – evenings and weekends. So our vision for Access is to get as much useful information as possible on this website, to enable you to make the right decision on which kit to purchase, at any time of night or day.

We’ve made a start by putting key information into our tents section – a How to Choose video, individual videos on each tent page, interactive images, and more!

If you’re in the market for tents at the moment, check out the Endurance range here.

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