How to choose the right rucksack


How to choose the right rucksack for your participants

Endurance (our brand of outdoor expedition equipment) is the only brand in the market that designs rucksacks specifically for school and group use, so for the purpose of this article, we’ll only be focusing on the differences between the three rucksacks in the Endurance range.

So which rucksack should I choose?

The three Endurance rucksacks are Mission, Quest and Ridge. The similarities and differences are listed below.


  • All three have a fully adjustable back system
  • All are available in Slimjim size, our smallest-in-market short back rucksack sizing. The hip belt contracts to just 21 inches.
  • All use the same durable fabric, YKK zips and Duraflex buckles.

Key Differences:

  • The Mission is our most expensive pack, because it has multiple entry points into the main compartment (lid, front and base). It also has the most pockets and comes with an integrated orange raincover and external pockets for quick access to essentials.
  • The Quest is slightly less expensive than the Mission, no less quality, but it is just a simpler version with the main compartment being a “single tube” design with only one entry point from the lid. The purpose of this is to encourage students to use a rucksack liner (to keep everything waterproof) and then pack their bag in the most organised way. This rucksack still has an integrated orange raincover and external pockets for quick access to essentials.
  • The Ridge is our simplest rucksack, designed to keep the cost as low as possible for groups/students on a tight budget. There is no compromise on the quality of fabrics, zips, buckles or even the back system. However with this bag we’ve stripped off some of the “luxury features” like the external pockets and integrated raincover – to make it a simple but still mega durable.
  • Only the Mission & Quest are available also in 75litre capacity options.
  • Here is a helpful Chooser Video:

Slimjim (previously Youth Fit)

With some DofE students starting as young as Year 9, it is inevitable now to get some very slim participants entering (boys or girls), and finding a rucksack with a back system that adjusts to fit properly is more important than ever. Find out more about our Slimjim back system here.


The Mission & Quest rucksacks come with in-built raincovers (bright orange), to make your groups safer on the hillside and when crossing roads. The Ridge rucksack does not come with a raincover as standard, but these can be purchased as accessories in 10 different colours, see our range of teamcolour raincovers here.

For a complete list of rucksack features, hit the button below to see the range.