New products for 2020

We have some exciting new products that are being launched this month. Firstly the Suunto compass which we have added to the range following many customers’ feedback who want Scandinavian quality. Secondly our popular Terrain tent range (Kudos and Neos) will both now be available in 2 person size. See some more detail on these products below:

New Suunto A-30 compass

A lot of group leaders have been giving us feedback on our range of compasses, and we have decided to trial the Suunto A-30 compass this year. Suunto are a Finnish compass manufacturer with a proven track-record and a reputation for producing high quality products. The A-30 sits between the Silva Ranger and Silva Expedition 4 compass in our current range. We’d love to know what you think of it! Get in touch if you would like a sample.

Terrain Tents..Now in 2 person!

Our Terrain tents (Kudos and Neos) have been well received, but only available in 3 person size up until now.  By popular request we are bringing out new 2-person versions of both the Kudos and the Neos, to give DofE groups greater flexibility. Let us know if you have any feedback about the range.