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Endurance Lava 400 Stove

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£58.33£108.33 £35.00£63.00 (ex VAT)

  • Much more durable and more affordable 4-person stove
  • Designed specifically for group use, with features such as gas hose arch and brightly coloured handle
  • Fully compatible with existing similar stoves
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Description Burner options Kettle options List Price Group Discount Group Price Stock Quantity
Lava 400 ME Meths Without£58.3340%£35.0050+
Lava 400 GB Gas Without£100.0042%£58.0050+
Lava 400 MEK Meths With £66.6741%£39.5050+
Lava 400 GBK GasWith £108.3342%£63.0050+
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New for 2018! The Endurance Lava 400 is a much more durable and more affordable 4-person stove, designed specifically for group use. It is constructed from hard-anodised aluminium, which is much stronger, more tolerant of extreme temperatures, and easier to clean than standard aluminium. It incorporates a number of common-sense group features, such as the gas hose arch (no more trying to thread a large gas tap through a small hole!) and brightly coloured handle and strap (easy to spot on the campsite). This makes it easier for the students to use, and easier for you back at the kit store.


Key Features

Gas hose arch removes the need to thread the gas hose through a small hole

Brightly coloured pan handle and strap are easy to spot on the campsite

Hard anodised pans have non-stick properties making them easy to clean, but without the fragile non-stick coating

Easy-to-thread strap system with strong riveted handles

Heat proof pans – after 1 hour on full power an empty pan showed no sign of burning though. A standard pan can burn through in less than 2 minutes.

Easy-to-use simmering cap with handle to prevent burns

Fully compatible with existing stoves

Mesh bag included for ease of storage



Number of people
List Price (Ex VAT)
Group Price (Ex VAT)
Lava 400 ME Hard-anodised Up to 4 Meths No Frypan, 1.5L, 1.75L 0.9kg CK4163BOM £58.33 £35.00
Lava 400 GB Hard-anodised Up to 4 Gas No Frypan, 1.5L, 1.75L 1.0kg CK4164 £100.00 £58.00
Lava 400 MEK Hard-anodised Up to 4 Meths Yes Frypan, 1.5L, 1.75L 1.1kg CK4290BOM £66.67 £39.50
Lava 400 GBK Hard-anodised Up to 4 Gas Yes Frypan, 1.5L, 1.75L 1.2kg CK4291 £108.33 £63.00

Group-friendly features


The Endurance Lava is built with students and expedition leaders in mind. The focus is on simplicity – simple for the students to use, and simple for you back at the kit-store.


Gas hose arch

Everyone has had the problem of trying to teach students how to fit a bulky gas tap through a small hole in the side of the stove base. For the Endurance Lava 400 we decided to remove the hole and replace it with a small arch at the bottom. The arch can then simply be place over the gas hose without the need to thread the gas tap through.


Brightly coloured components

Group leaders told us students often lose small stove items, such as the handle and strap. The Lava handle and strap are bright orange to make them more visible on the campsite, thereby greatly reducing the chances of them being left behind.


Hard anodized cookware

The Lava 400 is constructed from hard-anodized aluminium. This has a number of advantages: It is easier to clean – hard-anodizing has a ‘non-stick’ effect, but without the fragile non-stick coating. It is much stronger – the pans do not get bent as easily. And it is much more resistant to temperature extremes – a standard aluminium pan will burn through in minutes if left empty over a gas flame. A hard-anodized aluminium pan will never burn through.

“The Lava 400 from Endurance isn’t revolutionary, its evolutionary. The bright retaining strap, hard anodized pans, robust design and compatibility with existing stoves means that it is most certainly worth a look. The price will also help it become a good addition to any expedition groups stores.”


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4 reviews for Endurance Lava 400 Stove

  1. bryony.cotterill@enduranceforgroups.co.uk
    4 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Dan Peacefield- de Stafford School We bought 15 Lava Gas Burner Stoves. Good points: see above – I concur with the straps, the strap holes, the design. All good. Also they do not burn/melt when left on but empty – a great safety feature. They are lighter than the Trangia, fit all Trangia kit (old burners and pans can be reused) and have a very sensible arched gap for the gas tube (not like the awful hole on the modern Trangias) so they sit safely. Bad Points: so far it looks as if when you leave the gas burner or handles in the pans, they scratch the surface of the pan off. This is easily sorted by putting the burners and the handles in the bags provided but I didn’t spot this tip early enough. Improvements: make the burner bag orange not black and the stove net bag orange not black. Easier to number.

  2. bryony.cotterill@enduranceforgroups.co.uk
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Lindsey Stevens- Blackheath High School The redesigned stove has improved many of the issues students and staff have with the current ‘Trangia’ models. 1. The loss of handles and straps – this has been improved with a bright colour used for both. 2. The inability to thread the strap through the trangia due to the trangia being bent – the reinforced strap hinge will help alleviate this. 3. Most students cook pasta and over fill the saucepans leading to stuck on/burnt food. Although not non-stick, I’m hoping the new design will fair better than ‘Trangia’ 4. A more competitive price. 5. Size and construction mirrors current Trangia models, so training students on using both models will be the same.

  3. bryony.cotterill@enduranceforgroups.co.uk
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Paul Bond- Graveney School This is a robust piece of kit, crucially easy to clean and with simple features and good design. The ‘hi vis’ strap & handle will certainly save on seemingly endless replacements. I can see it becoming the ‘go to’ choice for group stoves, Another success for Access!

  4. bryony.cotterill@enduranceforgroups.co.uk
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner)

    Jacques Moore-Hurley- Forest School The Lava 400 from Endurance isn’t revolutionary, its evolutionary. The bright retaining strap, hard anodized pans, robust design and compatibility with existing stoves means that it is most certainly worth a look. The price will also help it become a good addition to any expedition groups stores

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