What is Slimjim?

Slimjim (previously Youth Fit)

With some DofE students starting as young as Year 9, it is inevitable now to get some very slim participants entering (boys or girls), and finding a rucksack with a back system that adjusts to fit properly is more important than ever. An ill-fitting rucksack can not only ruin a student’s expedition, it can be damaging to their health. With the help of DofE leaders, we developed our Slimjim back system!


All Endurance rucksacks (the Mission and the Quest and the Ridge) have a Slimjim sizing option. Slimjim means the rucksack has been designed with small teenagers in mind(girls or boys). Some rucksacks on the market come in a short-back or “Womens fit” but these are designed for small adults, not small teenagers! This makes the Slimjim short back system the smallest in the market, with the hip belt able to contract to just 21 inches.


This ensures the Mission and Quest and Ridge rucksacks will fit comfortably on the smallest of your students…(and still adjust up to fit medium/large size). To see our rucksack fitting guides, hit the button below.